You don’t know shit…

… or at least everyones habits about cleaning up after taking one. Until you’ve read this hilarious, eye opening thread over at MetaFilter that is.

Seriously, read it. It might take you an hour or so, but taking a dump will never be the same. Sitters vs. Standers, Folders vs. Crumplers, Front to Back and Back to Front, even some Diagonals. And then there’s foot flushing. Hell, the whole discussion is just a huge compilation of wtf-moments about things you’ve never even thought before.

Moneyquote: If you are not bleeding, you are not doing right!

WordPress 3 All in One SEO Pack breakage

If you recently upgraded to WordPress 3 and you’re using their new default Theme together with the famous All in One SEO Pack Plugin, you probably already noticed an annoying little bug: Your blog title is now appearing twice. Kinda defeats the whole SEO thing…

While the bug itself hasn’t been fixed yet, there’s a simple workaround.

Open up functions.php of your TwentyTen theme and go to line 262.
You’ll see a line that looks like

Just add two forward slashes in front of it so that it looks like

Everything looks like it’s supposed to and AIOSEOP is back to doing its magic.