The Next Financial Crisis

If you have about 45 minutes to spare and want a nice, short summary of one of the many reasons we’re pretty much fucked, go and watch “Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis” on Journeyman Pictures YouTube channel.

In times of crisis people seek strong leaders and simple solutions. But what if their solutions are identical to the mistakes that caused the very crisis? This is the story of the greatest economic crisis of our age, the one that awaits us.


The Consumerists reports that KFC has come up with an ingenious new advertising concept: Gluteus Ad Maximus

Or as I like to call it: Assvertising

Also, check out this short news clip, discussing the issue and showing some nice examples :)

KFC ‘Double Down’ campaign has people talking ‘buns’ more than ‘chicken’ []

Cheap Domains registration

Namecheap just announced that they’ll offer new .com/.net/.org domains for $5.99 and transfers for $4.99 during the rest of September 2010. Just use the coupon code ‘SAVEBIG’ and save a few extra bucks.

Personally, I can only recommend them – I’ve been a satisfied customer of Namecheap for years, never having any problems (though I’m only using their registrar services and can’t speak for their hosting products)