Acrobats stripping for Pope Benedict

Could this be any creepier?

Other than those guys being 10 years younger I guess. Being the Vatican, those are probably reserved for private “shows” behind closed doors… :-/

Don’t fuck with a hackers machine

’nuff said.

Having your place broken into and your computer stolen can be a nightmare. Getting revenge on the fucker who has your machine can be a dream come true. I had the opportunity to experience both of these when my machine was stolen in Boston and then showed up in Las Vegas 2 years later. Come share some laughs at a lamer’s expense, participate in the pwnage, and learn some resulting insights into the implications of certain security decisions.

The talk starts a bit slow, but it gets better by the minute.

Also seen on Gizmondo, slides for the talk are available here.

Respect and Obey Authority

As if there weren’t yet enough reasons why religion is bad, here’s another one:

This is West Coast Believers Kid’s band called X-TReMe PoWeR. It was our second song and we made up the lyrics and put it all together through garage band. It’s all about respecting and obeying your teachers, your parents, and Jesus! Hope you like this one too!

Respecting your teachers and parents, doesn’t sound too bad – but other than that, it’s hard to find anything that isn’t wrong with this song:

Authorities are here to help you. Do what they say and everything will be okay.
If you listen and obey, success  is yours today.
First of all, pray for all, who are in authority.
So that we, can live, in peace and happiness.

Yeah, right. I’m sure Hitler and Goebbels would’ve been proud of them. Just don’t question anything and do as you’re told – it always worked out just fine in the past. And not just for them, for everyone! Now those are just from within the last couple decades – don’t even get me started on the times preceding that…

Which religious book will save you in a holy war?

Finally someone decided to re-visit the popular and much discussed myth of which religion will save you in an upcoming holy war. Namely, by stopping a bullet.
Of course, being an atheist, I’d rather put my faith in science and get myself some Kevlar and a pair of armor inserts. But that’s just me.