Savage 10 BAS scope rail – not a Picatinny

Dear Savage Arms… What the fuck?

Turns out, the freaking huge rail system mounted on the Savage 10 BA precision rifles actually isn’t a Picatinny, but apparently a Weaver rail or some other abomination. Which isn’t that huge of a deal if you are Joe Shmoe who just wants to mount regular two-piece scope rings that stay on that particular rifle “forever”… but it is a huge deal, if you’re trying to mount one-piece rings like my amazingly expensive ERA TAC that I bought specifically so I could easily swap optics between my rifles. Or any other kind of quick-release rings for that matter, since you have to space them according to the weaver profile, which will prevent you from putting that scope/ring-combo on any of your other rifles, since they most likely will have Picatinny rails.

Why for petes sake would you cut that rail to any other spec than Picatinny? The rifle is sold in your  law enforcement line of rifles… Law enforcement, as in police and military! MIL-STD-1913, anyone? Isn’t that the whole point of standards? So you can use them? Like everybody else in the industry?

Anyone else stumbled upon that problem? Looks like the workaround would be to cut new slots, or at least “adjust” one of them, so the scope mounts second recoil lug can slip into the widened slot.
Have the fine folks at Savage Arms come to their senses by now and fixed this in their later production line, or are all the 110 BA,  10 BAS-K and 10 BAT/S-K affected?

Being an addict isn’t easy

But at least there are people out there writing songs about you.


The gun addict song
(to Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive)

At first I bought a Sig, I was satisfied
kept thinking I would never need another 45
but the I spent a couple weeks thinking about that FNP
I had to buy
each gun I buy give me a high

Impact Guns
and  Davidson
know me by name now that I’ve purchased from them countless guns
I used to have some money saved, but saw the Cold and then I caved
why do I need
another Springfield Armory?
and now I’ve got
5 M&Ps
I’ll find some reason why I need to buy that new carbine
I’ll need an intervention soon
Before the ending of this tune
I’ll probably own
5 weapons from the last gunshow

Bought a Kel-Tec
and bounced a check
my financial security is all but shot to heck
somebody take my credit cards
I’m better armed than Scottland Yard
I’ll buy some more
on Gun Broker

I lost all the strength I had when I saw the Glock
now I’m buying magazines and holsters ’round the clock
pretty soon I’ll justify
the 3 new Kimbers that I’ll buy
I can’t deny
I’m addicted deep inside

Please don’t worry about me
because I’ll be okay
I promise that I’ll stop spending after this AK
just know that later on today
I’ll purchase that new H&K
I’ll find a way
right away