Event Console not showing up in check_mk

After spending the last couple hours trying to figure out why the event console wasn’t showing up in my manually upgraded OMD/check_mk install (that is OMD 1.2 w/ check_mk 1.2.4p5 upgraded to 1.2.6b10) even though mkeventd is running – here’s what you got to do: manually copy the files from your check_mk source directory into the install director. The setup script does everything else for your, except that.

That’s it. WATO should now show the event console again and things like rule based notification will also work.

2 thoughts on “Event Console not showing up in check_mk”

  1. This fixed it! Thank You!

    (had to do an omd restart after, but that’s to be expected)

    Also, I had a similar issue, manually upgrading to 1.2.6p5. Chrome’s developer console was reporting that most of the CSS and JS files were not loading (404 errors). Went into !/local/share/check_mk/web/htdocs and created symlinks for all the .css files there. Then did the same in the js folder for all the .js files. All seems to be happy there now.

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