Drugging and electroshocking little kids… for science?

A story, so unbelievable, you’d expect hearing it from conspiracy theorists and random crackpots was just published at truthout: The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA’s Experiments on Children.

It’s quite long, but if you have an hour or so to spare, it’s sure worth reading. Involving clinical child abuse on a massive scale, using drugs like LSD and electroshock “therapy” on at least hundred children as young as three, interrogation and torture of POWs and collaboration with Nazi doctors, big pharma sponsoring drugs to be tested on unsuspecting patients, CIA financing and cover-ups as well as physicians and psychotherapists, who’ve kept practicing and teaching in the US for decades, after committing all those crimes against humanity during fifties and sixties.

Due to a complete lack of citing sources, it’s quite hard to check for accuracy of said article – but sadly, it appears quite plausible, considering it all happened during the time of MK-Ultra, a large scale, illegal CIA human research program, which to this day remains highly classified by the US government. While you’re at it, you can spend some time reading up on that too, starting with the Wikipedia article.

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