Have you seen Roland Emmerich’s 2012 yet? Me neither, even though it hit the theaters back in 2009. But it think I’m going to watch it now. Not because it’s 2011 and everybody should get ready for the upcoming apocalypse, but because it just received an award by NASA: The most scientifically flawed film ever made.

The film, which was released in 2009 to groans of guilty pleasure and the healthy ringing of cash registers (it took nearly $800m from a $200m budget), was deemed the silliest and most scientifically flawed film at a conference in California.


The Day After Tomorrow (global warming, accelerated), The Sixth Day (insta-clones), Chain Reaction (bubble fusion), The Core (magnetic field trouble), What the Bleep Do We Know? (billed as a documentary) and Volcano (LA sprouts a volcano) were also singled out for their factual shortcomings. Armageddon – in which an asteroid the size of Texas is blown to bits to save our planet – was the most surprising inclusion on the damned list, as Nasa originally supported the film.

Evidently, stupidity pays.

The agency had praise, however, for the attention to scientific accuracy exhibited in Gattaca (recruitment via DNA), Blade Runner, Metropolis and Jurassic Park.

Damn, I’ve already seen those.

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