Awful religious video day: Jesus Christ!

I was hoping this is a really, really bad parody – but I’m afraid it’s not. m(

Lyrics (w/ Pokemon Opening Tune)

I wanna be like Jesus Christ
Like no one ever does.
To live by Him is my real test.
To please Him is my cause.
I will travel across the land.
Preaching far and wide.
To make the people understand.
And let Jesus live inside.

Jesus Christ! (Got to save them all!)
Its you and me…
I know Your my destiny
Jesus Christ!
Ooh! You’re my best friend
You’ll never leave me ’til the end
Jesus Christ! (Got to save them all!)
Our hearts so true
The Holy Spirit will pull me through
You teach me and I serve you
Jesus Christ!
(Got to save them all!)
Got to save them all!


Read the Bible, pray everday
(So) trials, I can face
I will battle everyday
And wait for the glorious days
You’re the way, truth and light
The only way to be redeemed
With Your help, I’ll win the fight
It’s always been my dream


Jesus Christ, has been my guide
Ever since I was saved
And in His teachings, I will abide
I’ll be blessed for I obeyed
Now I will be set free
Free from pain and grief
With Jesus in my life
My suff’ring will be brief


Holy shit.

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