Meet the Dovenator

One man, 16.000 shells and two Winchester SX3 shotguns – one being loaded while the other one is fired: 14 hours later – more than 15.000 doves down, at a rate of 18 birds a minute. Talk about a dove hunt…

Just so nobody gets their panties in a twist – here’s what Winchester said about the hunt:

All the doves shot by Scott, and by the many other hunters who go to Argentina, are utilized as best as possible. Some are eaten by the hunters, the rest are distributed to the local farmers and others who also eat them or utilize them for livestock feed (and then eat the livestock later). As explained by Scott in the second video, currently there is no danger of overhunting the Argentina doves. Although they present a problem for many farmers, they are watched and studied closely since they are also an importent resource for the outfitters and lodges specializing in dove hunting.

Apparently Argentina has quite the dove problem with an estimate of 30 million doves, consuming a significant amount of their crops.

One thought on “Meet the Dovenator”

  1. Sure wish Scott could have braught some home. awsume hunt,talk about a smoking gun!!! Argentina’s dove problem is about like Texas & hogs!!!Non hunters think all game is cute until they invade your property!!!!

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