Being an addict isn’t easy

But at least there are people out there writing songs about you.


The gun addict song
(to Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive)

At first I bought a Sig, I was satisfied
kept thinking I would never need another 45
but the I spent a couple weeks thinking about that FNP
I had to buy
each gun I buy give me a high

Impact Guns
and  Davidson
know me by name now that I’ve purchased from them countless guns
I used to have some money saved, but saw the Cold and then I caved
why do I need
another Springfield Armory?
and now I’ve got
5 M&Ps
I’ll find some reason why I need to buy that new carbine
I’ll need an intervention soon
Before the ending of this tune
I’ll probably own
5 weapons from the last gunshow

Bought a Kel-Tec
and bounced a check
my financial security is all but shot to heck
somebody take my credit cards
I’m better armed than Scottland Yard
I’ll buy some more
on Gun Broker

I lost all the strength I had when I saw the Glock
now I’m buying magazines and holsters ’round the clock
pretty soon I’ll justify
the 3 new Kimbers that I’ll buy
I can’t deny
I’m addicted deep inside

Please don’t worry about me
because I’ll be okay
I promise that I’ll stop spending after this AK
just know that later on today
I’ll purchase that new H&K
I’ll find a way
right away

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