Updating SmartArray controllers on 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04

Want to install a firmware update on one of your HP SmartArray controllers while running a 64-bit OS? Turns out, the binaries distributed by HP seem to be 32-bit only – running for example Ubuntu 14.04, here’s what you gotta do…


But libstdtc++6 seems already installed, hmpf… 32-bit maybe?


Let’s try that again…

Well, that was rather easy…

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    1. > gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file

      (For anyone else delivered to this page as a result of searching for that error message: )

      I hit this problem when trying to use a copy of the P400 controller firmware updater from the page linked in Dave’s post (CP017698.scexe in my case).

      It turned out that when I had used vim to edit the file (changing the “#!/bin/sh” line to “#!/bin/bash” in order to get the the pushd/popd commands found in the script to work — needed on Ubuntu where /bin/sh is dash instead of bash), an LF character was appended at the end of the script file… but the end of that script file is actually binary data that gets passed directly to gzip, and the extra character results in gzip’s decompression algorithm getting out of sync with the file data.

      As soon as I removed that unwanted trailing LF from the file, the gzip error went away (and the firmware upgrader was extracted and then executed successfully).

  1. Thanks! I just got one of these G5 servers and the 20.x ubuntu would hang at trying to find the driver for CSIS. got 14.04 on it, and tried to run it and ran into this issue too. this helped me get it flashed!

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