KVM too fast for plymouth-upstart-bridge

Kind of a hilarious bug, really… I recently installed another Ubuntu 14.04 server running inside a KVM with a rather fast storage backend, therefore the system apparently boots just a tiny bit faster than my other images have in the past. Problem is, apparently that slows down the boot process as init thinks something must be crashing and decides to respawn it for good measure…

Yep, that’s right – 47 seconds waiting and idling, doing nothing when the image could have booted in a fraction of that time.

To fix it, simply add a sleep 2 to your /etc/init/plymouth-upstart-bridge.conf

Init won’t freak out anymore and starts the image as it’s supposed to:

Way better….

3 thoughts on “KVM too fast for plymouth-upstart-bridge”

  1. Upstart has no sleep stanza, so the proposed solution is synctactically invalid. Maybe it was copied from a script section where it is valid. Maybe the line
    post-stop exec sleep 2
    helps, but I have not tried it. It adds a two seconds wait after the plymout process dies, delaying respawn. If I understand well, that was the intention.

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